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Vade Retro Satana means Get Back Satan.
I've said it. Did I really mean it? Not always.

Here's a bit of late-night conversation about such
things with FilmCourage.It's hard to lie at 2am.


Page Pic: Adrian Corona's DIS
The paperback I'm holding is my own. I found it in the
woods when I was 14. Ray Bradbury saved my life.

The first words my young eyes read were "He came out
of the earth, hating." So begins Ray's 1948 Pillar Of Fire.
It's darker, more poetic, angrier than anything else he
would ever write. It made me cry.

It's a solo performance - just me and the digital voices
of my director, Ezra Buzzington. My whole heart is in it.

The show trailer is on this page (click 'Watch.') Read
show reviews here
. The Audible version is here. I tour
the show as often as I can. Maybe I'll die onstage as
William Lantry someday. Bury me with the book.
I had a fever dream; a grand and gothic library, high on
a precipice. An old library-keeper invited me in. There
was Amontillado. The moon rose. I feel in love.

When I woke up, I was lying on a stone floor, a skeleton
key in my bony fist. And I knew the place was mine.

My podcast, Gothic Goodnight, is a bedtime show. Yes,
I'll read to you sleep - but you must lie down. You must
turn out the lights! Quiet now...

All of Season One is here. A personal fav (my Phantom
of the Opera episode) is below. Close this lightbox and
click 'Listen.' And please, do it in the dark.
A kindly casting director set me right:

HE: "You want to work? Go dark."
ME: "How dark?"
HE: "With that face, you can't go dark enough."

He was my angel. Close this lightbox and click
'Watch' for my love letter to horror, and to you.

Clip: Phoenix FearCon 2020 Keynote
Page Pic: Billy Pon's CIRCUS OF THE DEAD
I only trust the wounded.

My Criminal Minds make-up artist, Christopher Allen
Nelson, shared my reverence for Lon Chaney (whose
monsters bore the stamp of broken humanity, and
vice versa.) When he said "Let's make this character
an homage to Chaney," I nearly cried. My sympathies
have always been with the monster.


Clip: Criminal Minds, CBS-TV
Page Pic: by Spencer Filichia
Adversary is a touring solo stage show about Satan.
It's about lies. It's about Truth.

The performance trailer is here. The show's site is here.
Truth. lies. The devil is in the distinction.


See more at
I find body horror truly terrifying.

Because, I suppose, I am so physically "cadaverous"
(I get that a lot) scenes of intense cinematic bodily
suffering come my way with disturbing regularity.
I do not shun them.

One can always use the rehearsal.


Clip & Page Pic: Adrian Corona's DIS
Extreme Horror Content; Viewer Discretion Advised.